Drones as a marketing tool

It can be said that the existence of drones is currently classified as a great tool, among which the agriculture, defence and meteorology sectors stand out, among other evils in which these types of devices facilitate many of the tasks to be carried out.

In addition to the above, many disciplines have taken full advantage of each of the drone’s capabilities to create new experiences and applications, such as filming, photography, and even exploring hard-to-reach sites with the specialist on drones aerialproductions.es. However, in one of the issues that is worth exploring at this point in time, it has to do with the use of drones as a marketing and advertising tool, since in addition to being an alternative that is already a reality, this activity has even been called drone-vertising.

Drones as a marketing too

Over the past few years we have seen the great versatility of drones when combined with high definition cameras. Many sectors are benefiting, but the tourism sector has seen in these devices a perfect tool for their promotion.

Of course, it is classified as a new and incipient technique, but more and more agencies around the world are beginning to see the advantages of using advertising with this type of device. In other words, companies like Coca-Cola are already using this technique for their branding campaigns.

A clear example of this that can be considered a success was a Russian agency called Hungry Boys. A few months ago, he launched one of his first drone marketing campaigns, where he employed three drones that had three different banners in a financial district of Moscow to promote Wokker, a type of Chinese food retailer that delivers to the home.

The huge potential of drones

The interesting thing about the previous situation is that the results were incredible, as were the sales that the company achieved, considering that they rose considerably. In short, this was an experience of all the potential of a technique of this kind and that the most important thing is to learn to customize each campaign to optimize results.

Without a doubt, the perspective that a drone and a camera provide is very attractive. For this reason, both in the public and private sectors, the best technology on the market is being used to get the most out of it. There is no doubt that they are trying to find new ways to show the beauty of a territory, especially in less known tourist destinations, so that presenting yourself to the world from the air can make a difference in the criteria for choosing the tourist.

Obviously, more and more applications of drones are being developed every day and if you look at them from an advertising perspective, it is clear that the possibilities are endless and that therefore the development of a successful drone marketing campaign will depend on the creative in turn.

In conclusion, for companies it is an opportunity worth opting for, as sales and results in other organizations have been incredible to date.