Does Le Pen support violence?

The leader of the French National Front, Marine Le Pen, has been indicted for making tweets with photographs that explicitly showed the violence of the so-called Islamic Sido, according to AFP news agency. The photographs depicted the beheading of American journalist James Foley, another man’s living cream, and the hit-and-run with a third man’s tank. In November the French Assembly waived parliamentary immunity in order to be judged on this case.

The far-right leader is accused of spreading’ violent messages inciting terrorism or pornography or seriously damaging human dignity‘, and this can be seen by a minor. If convicted, she could be sentenced to three years’ imprisonment and a fine of 75,000 euros.

Make love, not war!

The events took place in 2015, when Le Pen responded with a journalist who compared the National Front and the self-described Islamic State hanging the photographs with the message ‘DAESH is this‘. The leader of the xenophobic party subsequently withdrew the photograph of Foley’s beheading at the request of her family. I think we all agree that violence is not the best way to achieve anything. There are undoubtedly political channels for resolving conflicts. That is why diplomacy must be used and violence must be relegated to the background, because in the 21st century, problems cannot be solved as they have been for millennia.

In the case of wars, it is often said that many deaths are spared, but it is a fallacy. Terrorist attacks and armed conflicts have been one of the global scourges that have destroyed families and even countries. That is why Le Pen’s words sound very old and we hope that he will change his discourse or that the followers he has in his country may react in an extremist and violent way. Modern societies must mature and resort to peaceful strategies to solve problems, and we hope that this will be the international trend in the coming months.