Criminal law from a political perspective

Without law there is no order or freedom. When is bankruptcy a law begins a process of deterioration of the living and the policy that leads to uncertain situations. It is so detrimental to break a law as used disproportionately to attack or destroy an adversary. The law must have a principle of generality in the sense that there are no laws against specific individuals or specific groups. It is always benefitial to have someone on your side who knows about laws, like VBB Abogados, in order to avoid problems and get to know politics a bit better.

Law and politics

The law on political parties, on which so much effort put Aznar while he ruled, was to leave out of combat to Herri Batasuna. He succeeded in a first attempt, but after a few years those stands that represented the political arm of ETA, they changed their name and today govern in some basque institutions. It ended with terrorism etarra, but those ideas were not suppressed by law, but are in force and subject to the public debate in the Basque country.

The law has to be objective and not manipulable. The whole law too broken is bad and it is for the legislator to abrogate the law or change it, so that the contempt in which it has fallen this ordinance manipulated does not extend to laws that are more fair. The conflict between the Government of Spain and the Government of Catalonia, that doesn’t necessarily equate to a conflict between the Spanish and the catalans, should be channelled through the policy, long discussions, assignments and requirements, to find a point of agreement before it’s too late.

How does political activism work?

It is easy to see the renewed activism of the judiciary in our country. When there are thousands of cases of political corruption pending trial endless is an indication that something substantial is failing in the system. It may be due to lack of resources. But it is also by the ease with which political power and civil society know how to interfere in the administration of justice. A society in which the law and the courts are exploited is a sick society that does not thrive and that has serious problems with freedom. The fulfillment of the law, I repeat, it is inevitable to live in a society minimally just. To circumvent a law by the State has dire consequences. But take refuge in the law to replace the action policy is also unfortunate.

No one was surprised the emergence of groups that they call the “laws unwritten of the gods” to end precisely as the Antigone, with the abuse of laws were violated or laws are used politically.